Passenger Clearance Procedure


There are 4 Deputy / Assistant Commissioners in charge of 4 batches consisting of Superintendents, Inspectors and Hawaldars who work in round the clock shifts.

Each shift is for 12 hours viz. 7 AM to 7 PM and 7 PM to 7AM. They ensure normal clearance of passengers and baggage, clearance of mishandled baggage, crew clearance etc. Besides there is an Air Intelligence Unit comprising of 4 batches which takes care of intelligence related activities and exercising preventive checks and control.

The backend offices work on working days during office hours. The backend offices comprise of the various sections viz administration, warehouse, legal and review, Rummaging and Intelligence, etc.

Arrival Procedure

On disembarkation from the flights and completion of immigration formalities, passengers enter the Arrival Hall, pass through a Hand Baggage and doorframe check and collect their checked-in-baggage which had been duly scanned.

The passenger can choose one of the two channels of clearance: i) Red Channel: for passengers with dutiable or restricted goods to pay appropriate customs duty; and ii) Green Channel: for other goods having value within the Duty Free Allowance.

Duty Free Allowances

  1. a) The ‘Duty Free Allowance’ for an Indian resident / foreigner residing in India / a tourist of Indian origin, not being an infant and arriving from any country other than Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar is Rs. 50,000/- including two litres of alcoholic liquor/wine and 100 Cigarettes or 25 Cigars or 125 gms of tobacco.

b)The ‘Duty Free Allowance’ for an Indian resident / foreigner residing in India / a tourist of Indian origin, not being an infant and arriving from Nepal, Bhutan and Myanmar is Rs. 15,000/-.

c)The ‘Duty Free Allowance’ for a tourist of foreign origin, not being an infant entering into India is Rs. 15,000/-.

  1. d) For Infants, of all the above three categories, only used personal effects shall be allowed duty free. Infant means a child not more than 2 years of age.
  2. e) No pooling. It may also be noted that the duty free allowances of two or more passengers cannot be added up (pooled or combined). In other words, each passenger is considered to be travelling separately with his/her own baggage and the duty is assessed on an individual basis not on the basis of a group or a family.
  3. f) Flat Panel Television (LCD / LED / Plasma) is chargeable to Customs duty at 38.5 % and is not part of the Duty Free Allowances mentioned above.

Procedure for Currency Declaration

Passengers bringing foreign currency in excess of the prescribed amounts are required to obtain the currency declaration form (CDF) from the specified counter. Currency declaration form of passengers bringing foreign currency in excess of USD 10,000 or are issued CDFs. (CDF given below in PDF)

Procedure for Mishandled Baggage (MHB)

The passenger whose baggage is mishandled/undelivered is issued Property Irregularity Report (PIR) by the concerned airline. The passenger is advised to approach the Customs counter and obtain the Customs endorsement on the PIR.

Upon arrival of the MHB by a subsequent flight, the same would be subject to scanning by Customs and the MHB would be released straightaway to the concerned Airlines if it falls under the Green Channel category. If any goods above the Duty Free Allowances/ Restricted or Prohibited goods are noticed during scanning, the passenger would be asked to present himself/herself in person for clearance of the same. The MHB would be opened only in the presence of the passenger.

Import of firearms

  • Import of firearms is prohibited.
  • Import of Cartridges in excess of 50 numbers is also prohibited.
  • However, import of 0.177 bore air guns and air pistols will be free for shooters registered with Rifle Clubs or District/State/National Rifles Association. Free import of 0.177 bore air guns and air. For further details, Chapter 93 of the Import Policy may be referred.

Procedure for Import of Pet Animals

Domestic pets (only dogs and cats) are permitted to be imported upto two numbers per passenger who has stayed abroad continuously for 2 years and is transferring his/her residence, subject to production of required health certificate from country of origin and examination of the said pets by the animal quarantine officer. (Please refer to the CBIC Circular No. 15/2013-Cus dated 08.04.2013)

Procedure for Export Certificate.

There is a procedure prescribed whereby the passengers leaving India can take the export certificate for the various high value items such as camera, video camera, as well as jewellery from the Customs authorities. Such an export certificate facilitates re-importation of such goods while bringing back the things to India as no duty is charged. The advantage of having the Export Certificate is that the concessions you are entitled to, when you return are not affected.

As regards jewellery, the passenger is required to avail the services of a licensed goldsmith before the departure day itself and produce the certificate/ photos certified by the goldsmith before the departure terminal officer for getting the export certificate while travelling abroad.


   1. JAYANTILAL J CHALLANI 9940147199
   2. S.SANTHAKUMAR 9840890091
   3. SULTAN MOHIDEEN 9841441494
   4. GUNASEKAR 9840057643
   5. BADRI 9444109132
   6. LALCHAND JAIN 9840221600
   7. SRIPAL CHALLANI 9994166063
   8. GURU GANESH 9444230208
   9. MOHAN ACHARI 9841182411
 10. GOPI ACHARI 9710337498



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