Report Smuggling

Report Smuggling

You can help government in detecting duty evasion and smuggling!!!

Express your sincerity by providing valuable information and we shall express our gratitude through rewards.

We believe that your contribution goes a long way in building a great nation and we look forward to your active participation and valuable support. Citizens who provide any information regarding Smuggling/ Duty evasion will be rewarded.

You are invited to register yourself as an informer with the department, your identity will not be disclosed.

Under the existing Reward Scheme, Government of India grants handsome rewards to informers who provide specific information leading to seizure of goods, currency, bullion or leads to detection of duty evasion including wrong declaration of quantity, description, value etc.

Informers and Government Servants will be eligible for reward upto 20% of the net sale-proceeds of the contraband goods seized.

For the items mentioned below, the applicable reward limits are:-

The maximum reward in respect of gold is Rs.1,500/- per 10g., for silver Rs. 3,000/- per Kg., for Opium Rs. 6,000/- per Kg., for Heroin Rs. 1,20,000/- per Kg., for Cocaine it is Rs. 2,40,000/- per Kg., for Hashish Rs. 2,000/- per Kg and for Ganja it is Rs.600/- per Kg.

# For further details please refer to the Board Circular Number 20/2015 dated 31.07.2015.

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