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  1. Is Import through courier allowed?

Import through a registered courier service is permitted as per Notification issued by Department of Revenue. However, importability of such item shall be regulated in accordance with FTP.

Import and Export through Courier

Imports and exports through courier are becoming increasingly popular. At present, the courier clearances are allowed both under manual mode as well as electronic mode. The courier clearances under the manual mode are governed by Courier Imports and Exports (Clearance) Regulations, 1998, and courier clearance under electronic mode are governed by Courier Imports and Exports (Electronic Declaration and Processing) Regulations, 2010. The courier goods are cleared through a fast track basis on observance of simple formalities by courier companies. Examination of parcels is kept to the minimum and clearance is allowed on the basis of selective scrutiny of documents. The duty, where leviable, is paid by the courier company on behalf of importers/exporters before taking delivery of the parcels.

The facility of imports and exports through courier mode is allowed to only to those courier companies which are registered by the Customs. These courier companies are called “Authorized Couriers”. The courier parcels are normally carried by passenger/cargo aircrafts. In the case of clearance through Land Customs Stations (LCS), other mode of transport is used. Both of them are allowed to file the Courier Import Manifest.

Categories of goods allowed import through courier:

Except for certain excluded categories, all goods are allowed to be imported through the courier mode. The exclusion of certain categories of goods is based upon the fact that these broadly require specific conditions to be fulfilled under any other Act or rule or regulation such as testing of samples etc. on reference to the relevant authorities or experts before their clearance. In these cases, due to additional compliance requirements, the assessment and clearance takes time. These goods, therefore, do not fit into the scheme, which envisages Customs clearance on a fast track basis. Further, air terminals and LCS are not equipped to handle certain goods. Thus, in general the following categories of goods are not allowed import through the courier mode:

(a) Animals and plants;

(b) Perishables;

(c) Publications containing maps depicting incorrect boundaries of India;

(d) Precious and semi precious stones, gold or silver in any form;

(e) Goods exceeding weight limit of 70 kgs. (individual packages) imported though courier under manual mode. However, under the electronic mode, no such restriction regarding weight has been provided

Categories of goods allowed export through courier:

As in the case of imports, all goods are allowed to be exported though courier except for the following excluded categories:

(a) Goods attracting any duty on exports;

(b) Goods proposed to be exported with the claim of Drawback;

(c) Goods exported under export promotion schemes, such as DEPB, DEEC, EPCG etc.;

(d) Goods where the value of the consignment is above Rs.25,000/- and transaction in  foreign exchange is involved (the limit of Rs.25,000/- does not apply where the G.R. waiver or specific permission has been obtained from the RBI). 

Import and export of gems and jewellery:

Import of gems and jewellery including samples thereof by EOUs or SEZ units is allowed through courier. Likewise, export of cut and polished diamond, gems and jewellery under any scheme of FTP from EOUs, SEZs or DTA is allowed through courier subject to the condition that the value of each export consignment under such export does not exceed Rs.20 lakhs.

Procedure for clearance of import goods:

For facilitating Customs clearance, the goods imported through courier in the following categories:

(a) Documents that include any message, information or data recorded on paper, cards or photographs having no commercial value, and which do not attract any duty or subject to any prohibition/restriction on their import or export;

(b) Samples – any bonafide commercial samples and prototypes of goods supplied free of charge of a value not exceeding Rs.50,000/- for exports and Rs.10,000/- for imports which are not subject to any prohibition or restriction on their import or export and which does not involve transfer of foreign exchange.

(c) Free gifts – any bonafide gifts of articles for personal use of a value not exceeding rupees 25,000/- for a consignment in case of exports and Rs.5,000/- for imports which are not subject to any prohibition or restriction on their import or export and which do not involve transfer of foreign exchange.

Procedure for clearance of export goods:

In case of export goods, the Authorized Courier files Courier Shipping Bills with the proper officer of Customs at the airport or LCS before departure of flight or other mode of transport, as the case may be. Different Forms have been prescribed for export of documents and other goods. The Authorized Courier is required to present the export goods to the proper officer for inspection, examination and assessment.

 Registration of Authorized Courier:

A person desirous of operating as an Authorized Courier is required to get himself registered with the jurisdictional Commissioner of Customs. Under the regulations for the manual mode, the registration is valid for 10 years and renewable for another 10 years if performance of courier is satisfactory.

An Authorized Courier registered at one Customs station is allowed to transact business at more than one airport or LCS subject to giving of intimation in the prescribed form. However, separate bond and security will have to be furnished at each airport and LCS.

Contact Details of Participatory Government Agencies:

  1. DGFT:

Shastri Bhavan,, Haddows Road, Subba Road Avenue, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006

Telephone: 044 2828 3408

  1. Assistant Drug Controller:

The Drug Inspector

Air Port Office, Air Cargo Complex, Meenambakkam, Chennai-600027.

Telephone: 044-22560698     Email:

  1. Plant Quarantine:

The Deputy Director,

RPQS, G.S.T. Road, Near Trident Hotel, Meenambakkam, CHENNAI- 600 027 (T.N.)

Telephone: 044-  22347488 (O); 044- 22347522 (O); 044- 22342949 (F), Email:

  1. Animal Quarantine:

The Regional Officer,

Animal Quarantine and Certification Service
No. 115, Velachery Main Road, Village – Palikarani, Chennai – 600100, India

Telephone: 044-22460659
Fax: 044-22463070,Email:

  1. WCCB:

The Regional Dy. Director(SR)

Wildlife Crime Control Bureau, C2A, Rajaji Bhavan, Besant Nagar, Chennai-600090.

Telephone : +91-44-24916747

Fax : +91-44-24463477E-Mail :

  1. WPC:

Regional Licensing Office WPC,

Anna Nedunchalai, Kandancavadi, Perungudi, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600096,

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