790 grams gold valued at Rs. 31.4 lakhs seized at Chennai airport

Date of Seizure 09.01.2020

On 9.1.2020 night based on information one male Sri Lankan pax and who had arrived from Colombo by Flt AI 274 was intercepted at the exit. On search of his check in bag 14 brownish/gold color antique looking coins similar to 5 rupee coins were found concealed in a pouch containing 5 rupee coins. The assayer certified them as gold coins and not antique as after washing the coins retained original gold color.The pax had cleverly coated them with a oil which is used as a dye in coin making so as to camouflage as Indian 5 rupee coin. The 14 gold coins weighing 422 grams valued at Rs. 16.8 lakhs were seized under CAct.

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