Seizure of Primates, Rodents, Reptiles

Date of Seizure 21.01.2020

On 21.01.2020 morning based on information one Indian male pax who arrived  from Bangkok by Thai Air flight TG-337, was intercepted at exit. On examination of his checked-in baggage it was found to have concealed monkeys, reptiles and rodents in plastic baskets and cardboard box alongwith his personal effects. Officers of WCCB identified species as 1. Marmoset – Two nos, 2. Red handed Tamarin -Three nos, 3. Prevosts Squirell _ tricolor- Two nos( one was dead), 4. Black and Red Eastern Grey Squirell – two nos ( both were dead), 5. Iguanas( Blue, Yellow and Green)- Twelve nos. Thus, totally 18 animals were recovered and the same were seized under CA 1962 and FT(D/R) act.

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