Unaccompanied Baggage

The Unaccompanied Baggage is classified under following three categories and cleared at Air Cargo Complex, Chennai:  

TR:     Passengers who stay abroad for more than two years are classified under this category. The value limit of the goods is Rs. 5 Lakhs and this facility can be claimed once in three years.  

MTR:  Passengers who stay abroad for more than one year but less than two years are classified under this category. The value limit of the goods is Rs.75,000/- and this facility can be claimed once in three years.  

NTR:   Passengers who stay abroad less than a year are classified under this category.  All the goods brought by the passengers other than personal effects and clothes are liable for duty.   The unaccompanied baggage consignments can only be cleared by the Passenger or his authorised customs clearing agents.  

Procedure for clearance of unaccompanied baggage:   Following documents are generally required for clearance of unaccompanied baggage:  

1.      Passport

2.      Airway Bill Copies

3.      Delivery Order

4.      Baggage Declaration Form

5.      Payment Receipts of the items purchased if available

6.      Any other documents in support of their contention and evidence for clearance of unaccompanied baggage.

7.      Authority letter duly notorised, in case the passenger cannot come for clearance of his baggage.  

Issue of Delivery Order by Airlines:        

All the Airlines issue their Delivery Orders themselves except Saudi Airlines and Oman Air. In respect of Saudi Airlines and Oman Air, the delivery orders are issued by Air India and Indian Airlines respectively.  In case the baggage arrives as Consol, the sub-delivery orders are issued by the Consol Agent and the Main delivery orders are issued by the concerned Airlines to the Consol Agent.  

Filling of “BD” Form with Customs: (Location: UB Shed)

The Baggage Declaration Form duly filled and signed by the passenger could be processed either by the passenger himself or by the Customs approved Clearing Agent only. The BD form along with Delivery Order and two copies of Airway Bill are to be filed and noted with Customs Counter, located in the UB Area.  UB Registration Number is allotted by Customs to each BD application.

The documents are scrutinised by the Superintendent of Customs and if found in order, will be admitted for clearance. The Superintendent of Customs will also indicate the name of the Customs Officer for examination.

Location Slip from AAI: (Location – AAI Computer Counter)

The said Officer will mark the order for producing the UB for examination on the BD form. After obtaining the examination order from Customs, the passenger shall go to the AAI location counter to obtain the location slip.

Examination: (Location UB Shed)

The documents along with the location slip shall be produced to AAI staff of the UB Unit. The AAI staff will make arrangements to forward the baggage for Customs Examination at the Customs Examination Hall.

Payment of Duty: (Location: Import building adjacent to AAI Computer Counter)

The examination will be carried out by the Customs Examining Officer (PO) and the details of Customs Duty leviable will be prepared. After the duty is assessed by the Customs Officer, the same has to be paid in the State Bank of India (SBI) located near the Air Cargo Complex and receipt shall be obtained.

Out of Customs Charge: (Location: UB shed)

After payment of Customs Duty, all documents should be submitted to the Superintendent of Customs who will give “Out of Charge” order in the Baggage Declaration Form as well as on the back side of the Delivery Order.

Bill Cum Gate Pass: (Location: AAI Computer Counter)

After obtaining “Out of Charge” from Customs, all documents viz., Baggage Declaration, Delivery Order, Airway Bill Copy, etc. are to be handed over to AAI staff positioned at the Computer Counter for preparing handling/DC Receipt and Gate Pass.

Delivery of Baggage:

The Baggage is delivered to the passenger at the main gate against the gate pass by the AAI staff or the authorised clearing agent.

Contact Numbers of UB Unit of ACC, Chennai:  

Asst./Dy. Commissioner of Customs (UB): 044 – 2256 0651




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