Security Check:

The waiting area after Immigration and Customs and before the Security is called the Transit Area. It has duty free shops, refreshment stalls, internet kiosks etc and lounges. So shop, eat drink or retire on a sofa with a magazine. Its your choice. In case you are a business/ first class passenger you can relax in the assigned lounge. 

It is here you have to wait before the Security Check is announced for your flight. Once the security check is announced you can proceed for security check (the flight status is also displayed on the screen above the entry to the security hold). Here your hand baggage will be X-ray screened; it may also be physically examined by the CISF security personnel. A physical search of the body is also conducted. Ensure that you have collected all your belongings and your boarding pass and the hand baggage are stamped before you leave the counter.

The security hold is a high security area. Once you have entered, you shall not be allowed to go out. Passengers of many flights may be present in the security hold. When boarding of a particular flight is announced, passengers of that flight are expected to queue up for boarding. Before entering the aerobridge the CISF security personnel shall again check your boarding pass for the security stamp.

The airlines staff shall also check your boarding pass and tear the counterfoil off for their records. They shall guide you to your seat.



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