Report smuggling

You can help government in detecting duty evasion and smuggling !!!

Under the existing Reward Scheme, Government of India grants handsome rewards to informers who provide specific information leading to seizure of goods, currency, bullion or leads to detection of duty evasion including wrong declaration of quantity, description, value etc.

The maximum reward in respect of gold is Rs.50,000/- per Kg., for silver Rs. 1,000/- per Kg., for Opium Rs. 220/- per Kg., for Heroin Rs. 20,000/- per Kg., for Cocaine it is Rs. 40,000/- per Kg. and for Hashish Rs. 400/- per Kg.

If the information leads to detection of duty evasion, maximum reward of 20% of the duty evaded plus 20% of the fine/penalty realised can be given as reward to the informers. There is also a provision of sanction of advance reward in suitable cases. Your name and identity will be kept absolutely confidential. In case you have any specific information to give you can contact any of the officers of Customs Department.

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