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Customs Commissionerates

Customs - Delhi
Customs - Calcutta
Customs - Cochin Central
Customs - Mangalore
Customs - Mumbai
Customs - Chennai
Sahar Air Cargo - Mumbai

Central Excise Commissionerates

Central Excise - Chandigarh - I
Central Excise - Chennai
Central Excise - Delhi I
Central Excise - Madurai
Central Excise - Meerut
Central Excise - Nagpur
Central Excise - Pune I
Central Excise - Pune II
Central Excise - Patna
Central Excise - Raipur
Central Excise - Trichy

Customs and Central Excise Commissionerates

Central Excise & Customs, Bhubaneswar
Central Excise & Customs, Calicut
Chief Commissioner, Excise & Customs, Gujarat Zone
Central Excise & Customs, Vadodara

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General Taxation (Non-Govt)
Import/Export policy (Non-Govt.)

Websites of Foreign Customs

World Customs Organisation
World Trade Organisation
Andorra Customs
Argentina Customs
Australian Customs
Austria Customs
Bermuda Customs
Botswana Customs
Brazil Customs
Brunei Customs
Canada Customs
Chile Customs
China Customs
Colombia Customs
Croatia Customs
Cuba Customs
Czech Customs
Denmark Customs
Dubai Ports & Customs, UAE
Estonian Customs
Fiji Customs
Finland Customs
French Customs
Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department
Indonesian Customs
Iran Customs
Japan Customs
Korea Customs
Malaysian Customs
Maldives Customs
New Zealand Customs
Pakistan Customs
Philippines Customs
Singapore Customs
South African Customs
Sri Lankan Customs
Thailand Customs
UK Customs
US Customs



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