Organisational Structure

The Office of the Additional Commissioner of Customs, Anna International Airport, Chennai is the field formation of Indian Customs at International Airport, Chennai. Administratively it is under the overall supervision of the Chief Commissioner of Customs (Chennai Zone) and directly under administrative control of the Commissioner of Customs (Airport & Air cargo),Chennai .

The Office of the Additional Commissioner of Customs, Anna International Airport, Chennai comprises of one Additional Commissioner who is the overall in charge and head of the office. There are 4 Deputy/ Assistant Commissioners who are in charge of various shifts/ sections. The staff consists of Superintendents and Inspectors besides ministerial staff, hawaldars, sepoys etc .,

The Customs formation at Chennai International Airport works round the clock (24 hrs) all through the year. The workforce is divided into 4 shifts which work round the clock and backend offices, which work on working days during office hours. Each shift works for 12 hours and is headed by a Deputy/Assistant Commissioner. It ensures normal clearance of passengers, flights, handling of mishandled baggage etc. The backend offices comprise of the various sections viz administration, warehouse etc. Besides there is Air Intelligence Unit which takes care of intelligence related activities and exercising preventive checks and control.





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