On Board

Enjoy the flight, meals and airline�s hospitality onboard, however do spare 10 minutes to prepare for the compulsory formalities you need to undergo when you land. 
1.      Check if you have the combined Customs and Immigration Arrival Disembarkation Card with you. [If you are an Indian and have travelled out from India recently it might be pinned in your passport] If you don't have one asks the airhostess/ cabin crew to supply you one.
2.      The cards are different for Indian nationals and foreigners. Check if you have the correct one.
3.      Fill the card carefully and completely.
         a.      Click here for sample Arrival - Departure Card for Indians
         b.      Click here for guidelines to fill the Customs slip.
4.      Keep your passport, ticket and other travel documents together and readily accessible.

After the flight lands, usually it is connected to an aerobridge and passengers can directly walk into the terminal. You shall be first entering the Immigration Hall.Occasionally an aircraft maybe parked at a remote bay and passengers are ferried by a bus. Alighting from the bus you shall enter the Immigration hall.





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