After you have checked-in your baggage and received the boarding pass, please proceed towards the immigration counters which are on the right hand side of the airline counters. Before you enter the Immigration area there are stands with Departure Embarkation Cards stocked.. Get one and fill it completely and correctly before joining the queue.

There are separate counters for:-

 International passengers
 Diplomat/ Official Passport & PIO Card holders
 Special handling (for disabled etc)

Keep all the documents handy to be produced before the Immigration officer. The Immigration officer will scrutinize your travel documents and punch in the data onto his computer. He may also quiz you regarding your travel. He shall stamp your boarding pass and passport. Before leaving the counter please check whether you have received all your documents back and your Boarding Pass and Passport have been stamped for departure.

Other important facts regarding immigration:

Health issues:

There is no health check requirement by Indian Government on passengers leaving India.Persons leaving for a yellow fever infected area are advised in their own interest to be in possession of valid yellow fever vaccination certificates before they leave the country.

ECNR stamp:

As per the Emigration Act, 1983, certain categories of Indian passport holders require to obtain "Emigration Clearance" from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE) for going to certain countries.

All Indian passports are divided into two categories as follows:

     Passports with endorsement : "Emigration Check Required" (ECR)
     Passports with endorsement : " Emigration Check Not Required" (ECNR)

The Indian passport holders, who have the stamp of ECR, are required to get emigration clearance from Protector of Emigrants if going out to any country except Pakistan, Bangladesh, European countries (excluding CIS countries), and countriesin North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, South Korea and South Africa.Indian passport holders, who have the stamp of ECNR, do not require taking any emigration clearance from POE for going to any country.

If the passport of a person has been wrongly categorized as ECR, while he was entitled for ECNR category, he will have to get it rectified from the issuing Regional Passport Office (RPO) only before he undertakes a journey to the countries for which emigration clearance is required. The immigration officers at Airports are empowered to grant exemption only in emergency cases.

The information given above is liable to change without notice. For any enquiry please contact the FRRO Office, Shastri Bhavan , Chennai or the SIO at Anna International  Airport, Chennai or visit




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