§   Always reconfirm your bookings at-least 2 days before departure.
 §   Pack your baggage in confirmation with your weight allowance and the mandatory requirements. Check with the      airlines about items allowed/prohibited in hand baggage
 §  Most airlines offer tele-checking / phone checking and seat booking. Do avail it. Also reach the airport well in time.
 §  Do not rely on touts for any clearances.
 §  Check whether you have all the documents such as passport, visa, ticket, registration (if needed) and your identity      proofs. One must carry the contact numbers of air lines, travel agents etc
 §  Get your baggage Security screened before moving to the check-in counter
 §  Get your currency changed before immigration. There is no foreign exchange counter after immigration.
 §  Visitors are not allowed into the terminals and parking is not allowed out side the entry gates. So it is better to       discourage family members and friends from seeing you off.
 §  If Indian currency needs to be exchanged and the transaction is above Rs 25,000/-remember to carry your PAN card
 §  Trafficking in Narcotics drugs & psychotropic substances is prohibited.
 §  Export of most species of wildlife and articles made from flora and fauna such as ivory, musk, reptiles skins,      furs, shahtooshetc is prohibited.. Check if they are permissible before check-in of your baggage.
 §  Always carry documents for the foreign currency in your possession.
 §   Indian currency beyond Rs 7500 is not permitted to be exported.
 §  Always declare the contents of your baggage and items in your possession completely and honestly, if asked by a      Customs officer.
 §  Remember to take an export certificate for an expensive item (such as video camera etc.) before departure if you      planning to bring it back.
 §  Pack such goods (for which export certificate is needed) in hand baggage in such a manner that they are readily      accessible.
 §  Never carry any parcel / baggage for others.
 §  If you have any goods detained on arrival into India for re-export, do arrive at the airport early to collect your goods.
 §  Remember Customs Officers have the authority to check you at any place (not only at Customs Counter) including       onboard the aircraft itself.




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