Customs Facilitation Counters are located just after the immigration area. These are facilitation counters. There is no specific formality to be completed for customs clearance in case of outgoing passengers. Your walking through is accepted as a declaration of having no restricted/ prohibited item. Please note that Customs officers may call for your checked in baggage, check your hand baggage and if necessary can search you at any point of time until the flight departs. If any doubt please ask the customs officer at the counter for help.

If you are carrying an expensive electronic gadget etc with you which you intend to bring back to India, it is advisable to get an export certificate for the item so that no duty is charged on the item when bring it back to India. The certificates are issued by Customs in the Customs Facilitation Room afterthe immigration area.It is advisable to pack such items in a hand baggage so that the same may be retrieved easily. The item needs to be exhibited to the customs officer along with your boarding pass and passport. Any document/ invoice etc which indicates the value of the item may also be produced. Specific markings, number etc are noted by the officer and the certificate issued. It is valid for one year. In case you want to check in the item for which you want the export certificate ask the airlines staff to assist you and call the customs officer.


Indians going abroad are permitted to take with them foreign currency without any limit so long as the same has been purchased from an authorized foreign exchange dealer or it is the unspent foreign exchange brought back by him to India while returning from travel abroad and retained in accordance with the Foreign Exchange Management (Possession and Retention of Foreign Currency) Regulations, 2000. He should carry a document of purchase/ exchange.

Tourists while leaving India are allowed to take with them foreign currency not exceeding an amount brought in by them at the time of their arrival in India. As no declaration is required to be made for bringing in foreign exchange / currency not exceeding equivalent of U.S. $ 10000(in the form of TC�s), US $ 5000(in the form of cash), as the case may be, generally tourists can take out of India with them at the time of their departure foreign exchange/currency not exceeding the above amount.

Export of Currency to Nepal and Bhutan:

>> A person may- send out of India to Nepal or Bhutan, currency notes of Government of India and Reserve Bank of India notes (other than notes of denominations of above Rs. 100 );
>> take out of India to Nepal or Bhutan currency notes being the currency of Nepal or Bhutan.
>> Export of Indian currency:
>> Export of Indian Currency is strictly prohibited. However Indian residents when they go abroad are allowed to take with them Indian currency not exceeding Rs. 7500.
>> Any person resident of India may take or send outside India (other than to Nepal and Bhutan) commemorative coins not exceeding two coins each.
>> Explanation Commemorative Coin includes coin issued by Government of India Mint to commemorate any specific occasion or event and expressed in Indian currency.



Customs usually has no objection to taking pets along with however it must not be for commercial reasons and not prohibited or restricted under the Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972.Do enquire about the regulations concerning import of pets of the country you are visiting. Also do contact the airlines in advance to make the arrangements for transporting your pet.

Gold Jewellery:

There is no value limit on the export of Gold jewellery by a passenger through the medium of baggage so long as it constitutes the bona-fide baggage of the passenger.The passengers should take an export certificate in case they intend to carry huge quantities of jewellery, normally seen when the passengers are going for attending certain marriage or other functions.

Prohibited/restricted items:

Certain goods are prohibited (banned) or restricted (subject to certain conditions) for import and/or export. These are goods of social, health, environment, wild life and security concerns. While it is not possible to list all the goods, more common of these are:

>>   Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic substances.
>>   Pornographic material
>>   Counterfeit and pirated goods and good infringing any of the legally enforceable intellectual property rights.
>>   Antiquities.


>>   Firearms and ammunition.
>>    Live birds and animals including pets.
>>    Plants and their produce e.g. fruits, seeds.
>>    Endangered species of plants and animals, whether live or dead.
>>    Any goods for commercial purpose: for profit, gain or commercial usage.
>>    Any Goods in Commercial Quantity.
>>    Radio transmitters not approved for normal usage.
>>    Gold and Silver, other than ornaments (For import only)
>>    Indian and foreign currency in excess of prescribed limits :
>>    Foreign currency in excess of US$ 5000 in the form of currency notes or equivalent US$ 10000 or equivalent in the          form of currency notes, bank notes or travellerscheque is required to be declared on arrival.
>>    Foreign currency in excess of amount legally obtained or in the case of tourists in excess of the amount declared          on arrival or in excess of the exempted limit of declaration at the time of departure.
>>    Trafficking in Narcotic Drugs like Heroin, Charas, Cocaine or in Psychotropic substances is a serious offence and          is punishable with imprisonment.
>>    Export of most species of wild life and articles made from flora and fauna such as Ivory, Musk, Reptile skins,          Furs, Shahtoosh etc. is prohibited. For any clarifications passenger should approach the Regional Deputy Director          (Wildlife Preservation) Govt. of India or the Chief Wildlife Wardens of State Governments posted at Calcutta, Delhi,          Mumbai and Chennai.
>>    Export or Import in prohibited and restricted goods commonly leads to arrest.




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