Check In

If you are sure that your baggage is within the permissible weight allowance get your baggage security screened and sealed. Only the baggage required to be checked in is to be security cleared at this stage. Security check can be done at any Xray machine installed for the purpose in a row just after the entry gates. Few airlines have dedicated Xray counter and their passengers need to get the security clearance of the check-in baggage from these X-ray counter only. After the Check-in baggage security proceed for the airline counter. Usually the screens over the counters display the name and flight of the airlines, making it easy to locate your airlines counter. The airlines staff will weigh your baggage, scrutinize your documents and ticket and check you in. Some airlines may even ask a few questions as a part of their standard security drill. They shall issue the boarding pass with the seat no. printed on it. Ensure you get the boarding pass, all your documents such as passport etc, checked in baggage receipt and tags for the hand baggage before you leave the airline counter. In case of any difficulty you can contact the staff posted at the airport authority facilitation counter.

After check-in, in case you have any currency exchange requirement, proceed for that before you approach Immigration. There is no money exchanger beyond this point. After immigration there shall be no opportunity for you to exchange currency. 




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