CHENNAI-600 027.

F. No. S.Misc/04 /2009-RMS-AIR                                                  Dated 26.03.2009                                              


PUBLIC NOTICE No. 08 /2009 (AIR)


Sub:                 Implementation of Risk Management System (RMS) for remaining Export Promotion Schemes – Reg.


            You are all aware that Risk Management System (RMS) has been implemented in the clearance of Cargo covered under the import declaration (Bills of Entry) filed in Appraising Groups 1 to 6 and DEPB. This office has issued Public Notice viz. 80/2006 dated 27.05.2006 and 65/2007 dated 16.05.2007 vide which elaborate  instructions have been issued as to how the assessment, examination, out of charge and post-clearance audit of the Bills of Entry have to be carried in respect of facilitated and non-facilitated Bills of Entry. It has now been decided to extend RMS to cargo covered by the import declarations under various export promotions schemes which include


i.                     Advance Licence Scheme

ii.                   Duty Exemption Entitlement Certificate (DEEC) Scheme

iii.                  Export Promotion Capital Goods       (EPCG ) Scheme

iv.                 Duty Free Entitlement Credit Certificate  to status holders

v.                   Duty free certificate Entitlement Credit Certificate to SERVICE PROVIDERS

vi.                 Duty free Replenishment Certificate (DFRC) Scheme

vii.                Duty free Import Authorization Scheme

viii.              100% EOU Scheme

ix.                 Vishesh Krishi Upag Yojana (VKUY) Scheme

x.                   Focus Market Scheme

xi.                 Focus Product Scheme

xii.                Served from India Scheme

xiii.              Jobbing – goods imported for execution of export order – scheme


The tentative date for commencement of the same will be 30th March 2009.


2.         The instructions given to the trade have been clearly laid down in the said two PNs dated 27.05.2006 and 16.05.2007.  With this implementation, the practice of concurrent audit being followed in respect of Bills of Entry filed under all EP scheme, will be dispensed with. In lieu of the concurrent audit of all Bills of Entry filed under EP schemes, there shall be post-clearance audit (PCA) of only selected Bills of Entry, just as in the case of Appraising Groups 1 to 6 and DEPB.


3.         The importers will continue to register their Licences/Authorisation/Scrips/Release Advices in the Section(s) attached with respective Appraising Groups and seek a registration number, which has to be quoted in the Licence column at the time of filing the Bill of Entry. As regards the Procurement Certificates (under 100% EOU) and Export Orders (under Notification No.32/97 dated 01.04.1997), the sections associated with the Appraising Groups have been directed to maintain a register and record the details of imports under the cover of the same. Further, the procedure as laid down in the Public Notice dated 17.01.2006 for registration of Bond and BG, whatever required, will continue to be followed as has been the practice in Pre-RMS scenario.


4.         As regards imports under the EOU scheme, in the Pre-RMS scenario, the procurement certificates (PC) addressed to the Asst. Commissioner is brought in a sealed cover and the details are entered in a register. The Bill of Entry is then assessed w.r.t the PC. The PC is issued by the C.Ex., Supdt. of the Jurisdictional Range on consignment basis with details of goods and Invoice No. The particulars of the PC and other details are tallied with Bill of Entry filed by the CHA/Importer in the EDI System and after verifying the same, the PC is debited / defaced by the Assessing Officer (Group). The CHA/Importer then presents debited / defaced PC to the Bond Supdt., where the bonding procedure is followed and thereafter the CHA / Importer goes to the shed for out of charge, where the goods are then sealed by the Preventive Officer (PO). Now, in the RMS Scenario, where the Bills of Entry are facilitated there is no assessment of the Bill of Entry and the same directly goes to the Shed AO/Supdt.  for OOC. In such cases before going to the shed for OOC, the PC received in the sealed cover, shall be opened by the Bond Supdt. in the Bond Section who will then enter the Bill of Entry No. and the Transit Allowed (TA) No. in the PC and then the CHA/Importer will present the Bill of Entry to the shed officers. The shed officer has to tally the particulars of PC with the Bill of Entry and if in order, duly debit/deface the same and also comply with OCR’s and Examination Instructions, before granting OOC.


5.         To reiterate the general procedure, in short the Bills of Entry will continue to be filed electronically in the ICES either through the Service Centre or through the ICEGATE mode. The officers discharging the role of OOC will collect all the documents as mentioned in the S.O dated 27.05.2006 including those documents on the basis of which the exemption benefit it being claimed/extended.


6.      In case of any problem in respect of such clearance under RMS, the following Officer may be contacted at the stated address.


 Shri. S.Kannan,

Additional Commissioner of Customs (RMS),

Office of the Commissioner of Customs (AIR CARGO)

Air Cargo Complex, Chennai – 600 027.

      Tele Phone No: 044 22561447






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1.      All concerned

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